What is a CSA?

Square Roots Farm primarily operates under the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model.  It is a direct agricultural and economic model existing between a farmer and a consumer.  Much like a magazine subscription for fresh vegetables, consumers purchase a membership before the season starts and in return receive a weekly "share" of produce throughout the season. This enables us as the farmers to cover operating costs, plan appropriately for the season, and then focus on growing great food.  

An additional characteristic of the CSA model is that the members and farmers share in the built-in risks and rewards of that season.  Due to a diverse planting schedule and different growing habitats for the vegetables it is very unlikely to have crop failures for every vegetable. For example, hot and dry weather is not great for snap peas but produces bumper crops of peppers and melons. Succession plantings of the same crops throughout the season to minimize the risks of complete crop failure as well as spread out the harvest.  

Know your farmer, know your food!